This page is dedicated to SAFE LIVING PROJECT, the project of technical solution and management support for securing the multi-apartment buildings.

A Safe Living RYS Project is focused on crime prevention in larger housing estates with mostly prefab multi-apartment buildings. Within the framework of the project, we help to provide the preventive and administrative measures with respect to a specific character of such a large residential area.

The project represents unique solutions also in regards to the co-operation between residents and the local police authorities, private public partnership and also in regards to the project founding.

The main objective of the project is to protect safety and well-being of housing estates’ residents and to implement sufficient prevention measures for assuring sustainable safe living environment for all citizens.

The English version of the web site is still under construction. Some of the sections are not ready yet. We apology for any inconveniences and we will do our best to bring you the complete owerview of our project. as soon as possible

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